GDPR Accelerator

The Wrangu GDPR Accelerator allows existing ServiceNow® platform clients to rapidly deploy the Policy and Compliance module to support its GDPR programme. The package provides an accelerator update-set for GDPR, adding additional features to the Policy and Compliance module, including the support of asset to information layer relationships. Typical configuration of ServiceNow’s Policy and Compliance application is also included in the package and Wrangu provides the Subject Matter Experts to ensure that our ‘canned’ configuration will enable our clients to become operational within 4 weeks.

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Linux Security Accelerator

The Wrangu  Linux Security Compliance Accelerator for ServiceNow® combines the power of NIST approved Open SCAP with ServiceNow® to allow a client to rapidly gain control over the state of Linux technical security compliance within their server estate. This package provides a custom scoped application built for the Now platform to integrate with the Open SCAP tool for security compliance benchmarking. The application can be used to schedule execution of the Open SCAP tool, results are stored in the ServiceNow® allowing the application to be used to drive remediation or risk registration. Security compliance results can be used standalone within the application, linked to the incident or change management process. If the client is using ServiceNow’s® Policy and Compliance application indicators can be configured to drive automatic control testing.

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 GDPR Data Scanner

The Wrangu GDPR Data Scanner is an essential tool in ensuring your ServiceNow® instance does not fall foul of the impending European General Data Protection Regulation coming into force in May 2018. The Data Scanner allows data stored in ServiceNow to be controlled for Personal Data as per GDPR recital 26. The Data Scanner ships with pre-defined scans for the most common types of personal data and allows complete configuration and definition of additional data checks through the supplied scoped NOW application. Personal Data types can be configured and bound to ServiceNow® tables, which can then be periodically scanned. Visualization of identified data is provided by a scan report dashboard and ability to export data in supported formats. Generation of a custom report in PDF format is also possible.

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