Financial Services

The financial services industry has had a tumultuous 10 years, which has seen a fundamental change in the approach to Governance, Risk and Compliance. The banking world is now faced with many risk compliance requirements (SoX, Basle II etc.), and is threatened from the outside by a rapidly increasing cybercriminal threat.

The industry has led the way in adoption of new technology to try to manage the challenges, but there is still a long way to go. The ever-changing regulatory environment, and the large complex nature of banking organisations mean there is still a lot of room to develop both in IT risk management and in Operational Risk Management (ORM).

Wrangu has delivered solutions into multiple financial services organisations in the UK, Netherlands, France and Sweden and offers an understanding of both the risk and compliance approaches required, but also the regulatory environment (Dutch National Bank, FSA, etc).


The construction industry faces regulatory and compliance challenges every day. Movements of specialist “assets” (human and machines) around the world create a need to comply with local health, safety and regulatory requirements, as well as shipping permits and work permits.

The importance of a strong control framework to avoid litigation (or even prosecution) in the case of an accident or audit, whilst driving efficiency and transparency is key to enabling companies who operate in this area.

At Wrangu we have designed solutions drive that control processes, create transparency and a single view of our “asset” base.


From Life Sciences to Hospitals, healthcare is a necessarily highly regulated industry. Non-compliance can be life threatening as well as potentially economically damaging for companies in this space.

At Wrangu we recognise the importance of the most basic activities in healthcare companies in ensuring compliance and safety, as well as the more complex risk and compliance structures needed for those organisations themselves to be successful.

We have designed solutions to enable audit and compliance at a transactional level, as well others designed to help manage an organisations risk structure and framework.

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