Risk and Compliance

These days managing the risks and compliance in your company is very important to the overall success of the business. If risks remain unmanaged and compliance isn’t ensured, it is highly likely to damage your ability to achieve the revenue, profitability and growth targets. Additionally, many regulatory bodies are now imposing significant punitive fines on companies that are not in compliance – for example GDPR non-compliance could be fined up to 4% of annual revenue.

Whichever standards and policies you choose to / are required to adopt, Wrangu can build them in to a control framework that ensures on-going risks are managed and compliance structures and controls are put in place. This ensures transparency, auditability, and most importantly, that controls are implemented and managed within the business.

Covering IT risk management and compliance, and operational risk management (ORM) – uniquely strong versus competitive because our solutions are platform based – we can deliver solutions that include both “accelerators” to help you get up and running quickly, and custom configured solutions that completely matches your company requirements.

We build all our solutions on the ServiceNow platform ensuring easy integration, single source of data, flexibility and world class SaaS availability and performance.

We are used to working with GDPR, NIST, PCI, CSIS, FedRAMP, Sarbannes-Oxley, DnB, FSA, Cobit 4.1/5.0, ISF 2013/16, ISO 27000/1/2, and many more.

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