Wrangu announce Intelligent Linux Security Compliance on NOW®

By 17th July 2017GRC, Security Operations

London, Monday 17 July 2017, Wrangu LTD are pleased to announce the release of their Linux Security compliance application. Combining the power of NIST approved Open SCAP with the NOW® platform to allow a client to rapidly gain control over the state of Linux security. This package provides a custom scoped application built for the Now® platform to integrate with the Open SCAP tool for security benchmarking. Security compliance results can be used standalone within the application and/or linked to the incident or change management process. If the client is using ServiceNow® Policy and Compliance application indicators can be configured to drive automatic control testing reducing manual work-load significantly.


Regulations such as PCI-DSS and GDPR place more and more demands on the existing resources within your security and IT teams to ensure a compliant asset estate. With core business services often residing on the Linux operating system administrators and security teams must be able to show evidence that assets are meeting required regulation standards. A data leak or breach due to incorrectly configured and exposed Linux servers can result in a loss of confidence, trust, large fines and potential prosecution

For more information related to Open SCAP visit the website, https://www.open-scap.org/

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