GDPR Accelerator press release

By 10th July 2017Latest News

Wrangu are pleased to announce the release of their GDPR Accelerator package for ServiceNow. Built on industry expert knowledge combined with countless years of ServiceNow experience the GDPR Accelerator gets you on the path to GDPR compliance in weeks. This accelerator package from Wrangu will allow you to save significant manual effort in implementing the GDPR standard. Soft value benefits include fine and penalty avoidance, audit cost reduction.

The GDPR standard comes into force in May 2018 to ensure the data privacy of European citizens. Policed in Europe but applicable to all global organisations doing business in Europe it is very specific in the actions that must be undertaken to ensure data privacy for European residents. Failure to put these actions in place in a demonstrable way could lead to a fine of up to 4% of a company’s (global) revenues, and potentially prosecution.

The package provides an accelerator update-set for GDPR, adding additional features to the Policy and Compliance module, including the support of asset to information layer relationships. Typical configuration of ServiceNows Policy and Compliance application is also included in the package and Wrangu provides the Subject Matter Experts to ensure that our ‘canned’ configuration will enable our clients to become operational within 4 weeks.

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